Jody created Stay At Home Mum after she was made redundant while she was pregnant with her second son, everything in her life changed. On top of that, it happened when they were in the middle of building a house, the dream house Jody and her husband, Brendan, were not willing to give up.

Before this, the couple enjoyed the privilege of living on two wages. There was not much effort to budget and live frugally. But when theirs became a one-income household, Jody had to step up.

And step up she did. To keep their home, they found out that they only had $50 a week to spend on groceries.

But there was no time to complain. Instead, Jody turned the drawback into a challenge. She had to; her husband and her kids relied on her. From cutting up her credit cards to putting half a cow on lay-by with a local farmer, she did everything humanly possible. There was simply no other option but to make it work.

Jody connects with thousands of women sharing her money saving and frugal lifestyle tips. She has launched 4 books (and counting) with Penguin Publishing with the 2017’s “The $50 Weekly Shop” becoming a best seller.

Today Stay At Home Mum is one of Australia’s biggest online mother’s network.